The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) new Quality Assurance Framework came into effect on 1 September 2018. Full details can be found on the NMC website.

Mott MacDonald have delivered the quality assurance of nursing and midwifery education on behalf of the NMC since 2013. We continue to quality assure NMC standards of education and training for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. We ensure the implementation of the Quality Assurance Framework is consistent, risk based and proportionate in approach; providing assurance to the NMC that nursing, midwifery and nursing associate education meets their standards.

Quality Assurance Handbook outlines the operational details to ensure that the process is transparent and that principles are applied consistently across all nursing, midwifery and nursing associate education.

Mott MacDonald manage the quality assurance process via the QA Hub
. Education Institutions (EI) can request quality assurance events for NMC approved programmes and upload documents to the relevant gateways via the QA Hub.


On-call rota

We operate a rota of availability for professional queries from education institutions and visitors.

To view the current on-call rota, click here.


If in doubt as to who to contact, please direct queries to the Mott MacDonald office who will be able to re-direct your enquiry as necessary.

QA activity data protection, GDPR compliance requirements and NMC Privacy Policy

Education institutions are advised that any documentation submitted via the QA hub that does not have clear relevance to the programme being reviewed will be permanently deleted to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Please refer to the Quality Assurance Handbook.

Mott MacDonald operate under GDPR regulations. Registrant and Lay Visitors are advised to refer to the Mott MacDonald Code of Conduct for Registrant and for Lay Visitors. Please refer to the Quality Assurance Handbook (Annex 1a and 1b).

Contact Us


Telephone: 01223 463 441

NMC Support

Mott MacDonald have a dedicated team to support new education institutions seeking NMC approval of a programme for the first time, and existing approved education institutions (AEIs) and their practice learning partners, and QA visitors through the quality assurance process.

Knowledge hub

Mott MacDonald has provided a webinar series for AEIs and registrant visitors between October 2018 and January 2019.

Webinars for AEIs on QA Hub functionality and Gateway 1 submission
The webinar series has now concluded and we thank you for your active participation. A recording of one of the webinars can be found here.

Webinars for registrant visitors on QA Hub functionality
The webinar series has now concluded and we thank you for your active participation. A recording of one of the webinars will be available on the website soon.

Webinars for registrant visitors on report writing:
The webinar series has now concluded and we thank you for your active participation. A Programme Approval Template example with guidance notes, which was used during these webinars, can be found here.

There are some top tips for QA Visitors in writing their reports in the NMC Tone of Voice Guidance.

Additional guidance documentation for AEIs and QA Visitors can be found within the Programme Provider and Visitor pages.