This section provides all the information for Programme Providers for monitoring.

Detailed information can also be found in the QA handbook.

AEIs risk based selection process for annual monitoring visits 2016/17

Monitoring evaluation form: an evaluation form for AEIs to complete after monitoring events.

Monitoring flowchart: how the programme monitoring process works.

Self assessment report and declaration: This is the template used to record the overall details and final outcome of the annual self assessment completed by the programme provider. Please note this is for information only - the form should be completed electronically on the portal.

AEI requirements template - this is for information only and the form should be completed electronically via the portal.

Monitoring review plan: the review plan detailing key risks, risk indicators and associated NMC standards, potential control systems and sources of evidence.

Monitoring review action plan: a model action plan to be used where requirements are unmet following the monitoring review process.

Extraordinary review risk indicator