Programme Provider - 2018/19 Academic Year

An Introduction

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has introduced a new QA Framework, which went live on 1 September 2018, involves the approval of AEIs’ programmes against the new NMC standards through a gateway process.

To gain programme approval, an AEI must meet the requirements set out in the standards for education and training and the relevant programme standards. The gateways and the respective standards are outlined below:

In the new framework the NMC states that QA of education gives them the confidence that approved education institutions (AEIs) and new education institutions are meeting their standards for education and training. This helps them to know that students who have successfully completed an approved programme are meeting the standards of proficiency that they require before they join the NMC register. It's one of the ways the NMC fulfil their duty to protect the public.

The Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 (the Order) is legislation that establishes the NMC and sets out their primary purpose of protecting the public, their functions, and activities. All QA of education and training operate within the Order. This ensures that nurses, midwives, and nursing associates are educated to consistently deliver high quality healthcare.

MM have published this new QA handbook that informs the QA activity to ensure we support the strategic direction for the NMC’s new QA framework. The handbook is intended mainly for those directly involved in nursing, midwifery, and nursing associate education, in particular new education institutions seeking NMC approval of a programme for the first time, and existing AEIs and their practice learning partners.

The handbook sets out the detail of the NMC QA processes and provides guidance of the evidence that AEIs, education institutions and their practice learning partners need to demonstrate to meet NMC standards. It outlines new timelines due to the new QA framework for approval of programmes, and new ways of working.

Please refer to the 'Approvals' webpage for additional information regarding the gateway process.

Exceptionally report a risk

Approved education institutions (AEIs) should exceptionally report on any risks to the student learning environment that may affect compliance with our education standards. Please refer to the NMC's Exceptionally report a risk guidance for further information on:
- When to report a risk;
- Make an exceptional report (a template is provided on the NMC website via the link above); and
- What the NMC will do next.

If you have any queries please contact the Mott MacDonald team on 01223 463 441.