The NMC QA Hub is our new on-line portal that supports the QA processes underpinned by the new NMC QA Framework (September 2018).

NMC QA Hub (for academic year 2018/19)

Mott MacDonald manage the quality assurance process via the QA Hub (an on-line portal), which can be accessed here: https://nmcomsv2.mottmac.com/

NMC QA Hub - User Guide for AEIs

QA Hub - User Guidance for AEIs: This document provides a step by step guide for completing and submitting Gateway 1 and 2 (updated October 2018).

NMC QA Hub - User Guide for Visitors

QA Hub - User Guide for Visitors: This document provides a step by step guide for reviewing Gateway 1 and 2 (updated October 2018).

Mott MacDonald is holding a series of QA Hub webinars for AEIs and QA Visitors during November and December 2018. Please refer to the homepage for additional information. A recording of one of these webinars shall be posted on the website in due course.

NMC QA Hub Webinar - Gateway 1 Steps for AEI

The video demonstrates how AEIs can complete and submit Gateway 1. Please note that the QA Hub functionality is very similar for Gateway 2 and 3. The video also demonstrates how to change your password.

NMC QA Hub Webinar - Gateway 1 Steps for Registrant Visitor

The video demonstrates how Registrant Visitors can undertake their review of Gateway 1 on the QA Hub. Please note that the QA Hub functionality is very similar in Gateway 2. The QA Visitors review of Gateway 3 will discussed during the report writing webinar. The video also demonstrates how to change your password.

NMC QA Hub Webinar - Gateway 1 visibility for Lay Visitor

The focus of this webinar is to provide the Lay Visitor with an understanding of what to expect when viewing Gateway 1 and 2. As a Lay Visitor you will primarily be focussing on Gateway 3 Programme Standards for your review and utilising the Programme Approval Report to provide your findings. As part of your review, you may wish to view Gateway 1 and 2, should your review of Gateway 3 warrant this. This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the content and format of the AEIs entry and of the Registrant Visitors review approach for Gateway 1. Please note the format of Gateway 2 for AEIs entry and for the Registrant visitors review is very similar. The video also demonstrates how to change your password.

QA Portal (Pre 2018/19 Academic Year)

Please note: The QA Hub has largely replaced the QA Portal due to the implementation of the new QA Framework (September 2018). The QA Portal will remain open until the QA Hub is fully phased in. AEIs should NOT use this portal for submitting Event Request Forms.

The online portal can be accessed here: https://nmcoms.mottmac.com/

To support users of the portal, we have created a number of short videos which can be accessed below. These are embedded from YouTube and can be played by clicking on the play button on each video.

Please note that some of the videos do reflect the earlier Mott MacDonald branding however the content is still accurate.

Login and reset password - common issues with logging into the portal, changing your password, and how to reset your password.

Request an approval - how to request an approval event via the online portal as an AEI user.

Request a major modification event (desktop/visit) - how to request a major modification event via the portal as an AEI user.

Minor modifications - how to request a minor modification and upload minutes to complete the process.

Completing the event mapping tool and uploading to the document repository - AEI - how to complete the pre-event mapping tool and documentary upload to the repository (due six weeks prior to the event).

Locate the event request (reviewer) - how to locate the original event request prior to the event to help inform your audit trail.

Completing an event audit trail - reviewers - how to complete your pre-event audit trail (due three weeks prior to the event) including accessing the AEI's mapping tool and document repository upload.

Locate and respond to the reviewer audit trail (AEIs) - where to find the audit trail submitted by the reviewer three weeks prior to the event date, and how to respond.


Report submission and outcomes - identifying the outcomes for the event and individual standards, and submitting the post-event report (five working days from the event date).

Conditions met: updating your report - how to update your approval report once conditions have been addressed by the AEI. Please note that the 'conditions met' date is the date on which the necessary evidence was received from the AEI.

AEI Requirements - how to access the AEI Requirements information for your institution, edit placement information and keep documentation up to date.

AEI Self assessment reports - how to access the self assessment report template and complete your annual submission. (Updated for 2017-18 reporting.)